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16 September 2017

Peek Into My Story: Cahira & the Ghosts

After many weeks of disappearing into the deep recesses of life’s demands and secret projects, I have finally resurfaced and am back to present new posts. My absence was unplanned, and the only excuse I can give besides school and college prep is writing: essays, poems, short stories, spoken word, for both the likes of enjoyment and scholarships—my attention needed to divert there for reasons remaining ambiguous and personal.

Alas, today is the day where I finally get to share one of my (unconventional) projects with you!

Isn't this such a pretty aesthetic?

“What happens when a person has an out-of-body experience?” This thought first arose while browsing many medical articles on a whim. Numerous scientific explanations came up involving the senses and neurology, but slowly this nocturnal twist festered in my mind. For some time, I just let the thought ferment in my mind, until this story about a girl with a tape recorder rolled into my mind until it could no longer stay within the breaches of my brain and joined the page in matrimony.

As the final touches are surfacing, there isn’t an official set blurb nor an official title, expect the following:

Cahira and the Ghosts. A teenaged girl has an out-of-body experience and must return to her body while evading an eminent threat of ghosts feasting on spirits to strengthen their tethers to the mortal world.

Spirits: blue and living.

Aesthetic wise, it’s a clash between Nimona by Noelle Stevenson, the Bone series by Jeff Smith, Doug TenNapel's Ghostopolis, and Ghosts by Raina Telemeger—it deals with the subject of ghosts and spirits without getting too relatively dark or sinister but still has the threats and stakes of the story still incredibly heightened.

Meet the spirited protagonist, Cahira. She’s feisty when provoked and talkative to everyone she meets, but never allows a word in edge wise when conflicting opinions strike her. Unlike past characters, silence is not a comfort. Instead, she deems it as a burden that causes her most private affairs to surface, things she’d like to avoid at all costs. She has an obsession over pears and pairs, as well as has an affinity for a certain cassette tape (the question of why shall remain a mystery for the time being). Her extroversion will pose a challenge as keeping the vigorous energy up is a difficult task (which will make sense once the story is revealed).

I love not revealing anything!

Ghosts. Notice the coloration difference?

The differentiation between spirits and ghosts are integral to understand the story. Spirits are the living who have an out-of-body experience. They can remain out of their bodies for some time and walk around, but too prolonged and consequences arise. Ghosts are those who have not accepted they are deceased and make the return to the body difficult by prowling on spirits. The only shared qualities are their resistance to light and the fact that they cannot hurt nor physically touch those in the land of the living.

Who are they? How do they play into the story? If only you knew what I'm about ready to do to them... *insert evil laugh*

Of course, there are a few side characters, but despite the small ensemble, the personalities are well-developed: the boy with the piano. The girl who always complains. The young man with clear spectacles. Each of these descriptions do not begin to envelop the essence of each character, but they will make an appearance, and they will listen.

I did make a (slightly terrible) teaser trailer, which can all be found down below.


Yes, there is a date when this will be released: November 3rd! I’ve never released a full-story for the public to hear, so this will be a first! More details can be accessed will be available on the blog once more information is solidified. If you're wondering what platform it'll be on, do not worry. If you've paid attention and heard what I've said, then the answer should be clear.

Have you ever tried to write in a different genre? Are you excited for Cahira & the Ghosts? What have you been up to recently in the blogging world? Can you guess where to access the story? (If you do, brownie points and points for your Hogwarts house!)

30 August 2017

Ensemble // Hundred Word Challenge

Word limits are difficult. The challenge of limiting yourself to certain constraints in an art form feels tight, but as my good friend Rachel said one time, it also helps to focus on the important aspects of a memory or a certain scene, and today, I wanted to tackle this one-hundred word memory prompt, seeing that I'm missing theatre a bit more than usual.

“Diva.” Our theatre director initiates the game, singing a song where lyrics fall out of everyone’s lips but my own, an unfamiliarity I’d grown accustomed to but could never shake away. Songs about a wealthy man, minutes in a year, and Frozen blared.

I wanted to enter in, and quietly, I start thinking about the songs and how they related.

Think. "I wanna be a billionaire, so freaking bad..."

Everyone surrounding in our make-shift stared at this ensemble voice belting 2009 Bruno Mars. Arms rise, grappling sepia’s tinged air. Everyone bounced to the rapping and harmonies and—

We sing.

Will you take up this challenge to write a memory exactly one hundred words, nothing more or less? How's school been lately or the remainder? You have a little over a month to sign up for the yearbook! Would you guys be interested in seeing a mini-senior series?

p.s. I need to focus on AP Calc BC and AP Physics; everything has been okay except editing blog posts which  and replying to comments on the blog, so please be patient in that aspect! I'll also be changing up my schedule to post at least once during the weekend at a minimum. Let's see how this works!